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The company will participate in the China International Elevator Exhibition held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from August 18 to 21, 2020. Booth No. 8F05 will exhibit the newly designed TK series Q1 elevator air conditioners, elevator car air purifiers and so on. Warmly look forward to the guidance of new and old friends!
The company's TJHQ series elevator car air purifiers were sent to all parts of the country to help fight the new crown epidemic. The main advantage of Heshan elevator car air purifier is that when there are passengers in the elevator, the high-intensity ultraviolet sterilization system can work continuously to continuously kill viruses and bacteria in the elevator car without causing radiation damage to passengers.
The company has successfully obtained the national "High-tech Enterprise" certificate. This recognition is an affirmation and encouragement of our company's technological research and development capabilities and continuous scientific and technological innovation results. It also puts forward higher-level requirements for our company. The company will continue to increase investment in scientific research, and strengthen the construction of scientific research teams, to develop more elevator car air solutions that meet social needs and technological development trends.
The installation and system commissioning of 77 sets of Heshan remote-controlled elevator air conditioners in the landmark building of Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Financial Center were successfully completed. The skyscraper is highly intelligent, with a height of 530 meters.
The company's newly developed patented technology has been put into application one after another, in which the folding filter of elevator air conditioner is upgraded to adopt the folding structure to extend the maintenance cycle of elevator air conditioner, which is three to four times of the original plate filter screen.
The company has launched TK series Q1 elevator air conditioner, which reduces the height of air conditioner and weight of air conditioner. Welcome new and old customers to buy.
The company has concentrated on research and further in-depth research on many details of elevator air conditioners, and has newly obtained twelve utility model patents.
In the CCTV 2018 Quality Brand Pioneer Event, the elevator special air conditioner of Heshan brand won the "Quality Pioneer Display Product" certificate.
In order to meet the requirements of the new national standard for elevators, Heshan continues to break through new technologies and successfully launched the NK series of small, efficient and intelligent special air conditioners for elevators with the advantages of "smaller size, higher energy efficiency ratio, very suitable for super high-rise elevators, and more flexible installation positions". The products have passed the CCC and CE certification, and the power frequency is available at 50Hz and 60Hz, which can meet the diversified needs of domestic and foreign customers. Since then, Heshan Elevator air conditioners have been divided into two series, TK and NK, with rated cooling capacity from 1600W to 5300W. Welcome customers at home and abroad to buy.
Successfully completed the installation and acceptance of 47 elevators and 92 sets of "Heshan" elevator air conditioners in the "Shenzhen First Floor" Shenzhen Ping An Financial Center, a global new city landmark. The project is located in the Futian commercial center area of Shenzhen, with a total height of 599.1 meters, 118 floors above ground and 5 floors underground. The building uses 12 Otis super double-car elevator systems and 2 machine-room-less elevators with speeds of 7.0m/s and 9.0m/s respectively, and 26 sets of Heshan elevator air conditioners are installed on them. The building also uses 33 Schindler double-car elevators, on which 66 sets of Heshan elevator air conditioners are installed. This is a high-standard "green building", and Heshan is honored to serve it, providing a new classic blueprint for super high-rise buildings in the future.
The second-generation remote-controlled elevator air conditioner was successfully launched. On the basis of Heshans first-generation remote-controlled elevator air conditioner, an RS485 to Ethernet converter was added, and the elevator machine room LAN was used to realize the signal transmission from the machine room to the central control room. It solves the problem of difficulty in secondary wiring of existing buildings, reduces the wiring cost of new buildings, and brings great convenience to the construction of intelligent buildings. Better life, create together.
The technology of Heshan elevator air conditioning products has been upgraded to the ninth generation. This series of products adopts a newly designed remote control and adds a remote control signal receiving box. The product is simpler to use and improves the convenience of installation and maintenance.
The company has obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate issued by the National Copyright Administration: Elevator Air Conditioning Remote Management System V1.1.
The company attaches great importance to environmental protection and emphasizes the sustainable development of the company and society. It has established and implemented the ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, and successfully passed the on-site inspection and certification of the China Quality Certification Center.
The first remote-controlled elevator air conditioning system in China has been successfully developed, which can monitor, measure and control the operation of the elevator air conditioning in the central control room of the building, and supports the remote measurement and diagnosis of the elevator air conditioning through the Internet, providing a new choice for the construction of intelligent buildings. This technology has obtained the national invention patent certificate.
It is the mission of Heshan to provide passengers with a comfortable and healthy environment. After many years of practice and technical innovation, the second generation of TJHQ series elevator dedicated air purifier has been successfully launched.They have five outstanding performances: broad-spectrum and high-efficiency, automatic dust removal, air purification, intelligent control, and fault alarm. Welcome new and old customers to consult and choose.
The company successfully passed the renewal audit of ISO9001:2008 quality management system organized by China Quality Certification Center.
After years of development and testing, the company successfully developed the first generation of TYUV series elevator car air purifiers, which adopts the pure physical disinfection method, is broad-spectrum and efficient, and has no secondary pollution. The product has been inspected by Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the sterilization efficiency reaches 99.86%-99.90%, and the relevant inspection report certificate has been obtained.
The company was appraised as "Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise" by Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau.
The company was named as "Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise" by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department.
The company specially developed a high-power intelligent and environmentally-friendly energy-saving elevator air conditioner (using R410A refrigerant) with 230V 60Hz power supply and 4500W cooling capacity for the Saudi Mecca Metro project as the general contract of China Railway Construction Corporation. A total of 134 sets such air conditioners have been provided for the project. This cooperation once again gave a new explanation for the practice of the concept of "buying elevator air conditioners, looking for Hangzhou Heshan".
The company provided elevator airconditioners for the USA Pavilion, Australia Pavilion, Hong Kong Pavilion and other venues of the Shanghai World Expo. All employees of Heshan company worked hard for the smooth opening of the Shanghai World Expo.
The company's technical research and development has achieved new results again, and successfully launched 16 new elevator-specific air conditioners using R410A high-efficiency environmentally friendly refrigerant, and successfully passed the CCC product certification and CE certification, and made active efforts to respond to the countrys promotion of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products,and met the domestic and foreign market demand for environmentally friendly elevator air conditioners.
Successfully completed the installation of the VIP elevator air conditioner for the Beijing National Stadium-Bird's Nest project, and passed the project acceptance at one time, providing a comfortable elevator environment for politicians from all over the world to attend the Beijing Olympics. Heshan Company fully supports the Beijing Olympics!
The advanced water treatment method and highly automated intelligent control system of "Heshan" brand elevator air conditioners have obtained two national patents.
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